Ribbing and needle size?

In a lot of sweater patterns, the instructions are to knit the ribbed edging for the sleeve cuffs and the body of the sweater on smaller needles, then switch to larger needles for the main part of the sleeves and body. This gives nice fitted cuffs, keeps the drafts out, etc.

But what happens if the ribbing is knit on the larger needles? Does it looks weird, or is it just a little looser? I happen to like sweaters that have rolled edges or straights hems, so maybe looser ribbing would look cool to me, but so far I’ve always just followed the pattern and done it on smaller needles. Have you ever tried it on the larger needles, or seen it tried?

I like rolled-edge sweaters, too…but, in that case you would forego the ribbing altogether & just knit in stockinette.

the smaller needles pull it in a little. I would think using the same sized needles as the rest of the pattern would give you ribbing that hung a bit straighter.

Thanks, Kelly.

Finally, I found photographic evidence of the rare and elusive same-size-needle ribbing! In Vogue Knitting Winter 2004/2005, sweaters #23 & 25 have it around the cuffs and hem.

It’s interesting looking. The ribbing definitely doesn’t have a “flat” or “straight” look, it kind of sticks out. Ribbing done the usual way, on slightly smaller needles, always looks to me like it’s pulling in.

Which means that edge ribbing can be Innie or Outie, like belly buttons.