Ribbing and increases

Hi, Would someone answer a question for me?? When doing a rib…p1 k1 and you need to increase 2 sts…one at beginning and one at end. I find that it “messes” up the ribbing pattern…Is there a “right” way of increasing the stitches?? It doesn’t look right…Thanks to all who are kind enough to answer this!! :slight_smile:

It won’t mess up the pattern if you know that you knit a knit stitch and purl a purl stitch. Since the incs are at the edges, they’ll be somewhat hidding by the seams, so inc, then knit or purl the next st according to how it looks.

OK…that is what I kind of thought…I don’t like increases on ribbing though!! LOL

They’re tricky.

Some things become much easier if you start to think of them in the context of what you are going to do with that particular stitch based on it being knit flat or in the round.

Its just too difficult, especially if you are dealing with ribbing and increases to remember that you increased a knit at the beginning and now you have 3 knits at the beginning and then 4 purls somewhere else and then another 3 knits somewhere else. Its just easier to know that you have to knit the knits and purl the purls and know what they look like on the fabric.

for increasing on the egde of a piece I recommend the following cast ons:


Cable cast-on
Knitting on
(while the latter is nicer, to me, anyways)

or crochet on: I found it here: http://www.knittingdaily.com/forums/t/657.aspx

and this link was given as a tip there:


Then just do the opposite of the stitch that follows. so if your first USED to be a knit, then purl the new stitch, if a purl, knit the first stitch.

I lately heard for the first time, that someone could not see if a stitch was knit or purl… “read your knitting” is what I heard a lot. I think that is the best tip you could ever give!

Casting on is fine if you have to increase a lot of stitches at the end/beg of a row. But for just one st, a simple increase works just fine.