Ribbing and Circle Needles

Hey. got my number 9 circular needles with a ribbing pattern k2 p2… then the knit… to make the St st… I understand you dont have to turn and keep knitting… but what I dont understand is… do I just k2 and p2 around and arouind without turning?

Yep. Make sure you place a marker so you know where the beginning is. The TechKnitter has a good way of joining circular knitting here.

Thanks…the concept is there somewhere in my brain to have this all make sense… just need that extra lesson… or YEP to make sure… watched a few videos on joining… that one got me for quite a few moments… till I just googled and this site to figure it out.

Yes, the working yarn will be coming from the right needle so when you knit the first stitch on the left needle it joins. You can do a few rows flat so you can be sure the stitches aren’t twisted and then join. The gap at the join can be fixed at the end when you weave in the ends.

You would also want to make sure that your stitches are in a multiple of 4 so that the ribbing will line up correctly.