Ribbing all twisted

Hello, I’m a newbie to knitting & this is my first attempt at ribbing. I’m doing k2, p1 & my first row is all twisted & I have stitches crossing over other stitches on my needle. I’m not even sure which loop to put the needle in for the next row as it’s so twisted. What am I doing wrong? Should I be swapping the yarn to in front of the needle when I purl, or some other tricky trick?

I don’t usually answer the how-to’s, there are so many really expert people on here, but I do know this one. Each time you knit, you have to have the yarn in back, and when you purl, bring it to the front (between the 2 needles, not around them). If you try to knit with your yarn in the front, it puts an extra loop around the needle, same with purling if you start with your yarn in the back.

If you could post a picture of what your knitting looks like, it will help us to decipher better what you are doing.

It sounds like one of two things might have happened. Or both!

When switching from knit to purl, you must bring the yarn forward between the needles (not over one). To switch from purl to knit, you must bring the yarn back between the needles (not over). Did you forget? If you did, you made ‘yarn overs’ that can sometimes look like they are overlapping other stitches on the needle.

The other possibiilty is that you twisted your cast-on row as you worked it.

Thanks very much. Yes, I did the yarn over thing. I’ve undone it & started again - amazing what a difference there is when you get it right!