Ribbed hat pattern

I am looking for an easy ribbed hat pattern. I have several patterns but they are hard for me to understand. I have a hard time reading patterns. I also want to knit in the round. Thanks!!!

I have the perfect pattern if I can just login to Bernat…lol…I’m making my 2nd hat from this pattern right now…The instructions are for knitting flat, but, I hate seaming so I’m doing it in the round this time…Will post the link as soon as I get to it…Or, you can search “Bernat Denimstyle Men’s Hat”…you may have to register with Bernat, however, to access it.

How about this one? It’s already in the round so no need to figure out anything.

I love the Marsan watchcap pattern - I’ve made a couple of them now. You have to ‘twist’ your knit stitches, but other than that it’s pretty straightforward.

I’ve read that in general this pattern runs small when people knit it, so you might want to make it in the large size. Just this last week I made the large size version with Wool-Ease and it was large enough to fit my hubby, but I think Wool-Ease is a stretchy yarn. I think the first time I made it I used a Debbie Bliss Wool, and I made the hat even eight stitches bigger than the ‘large’ size (not sure though since it was a while ago).


Hi there!

I am making this hat for my dad right now: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/a-hat-fit-for-a-boyfriend

You have to be a Ravelry member to see it, but if you aren’t on Rav, I can contact the designer for you and see if she will let me PM it to you if you’d like.

No you don’t if you click the link in the text section. That’s only if it’s says “Ravelry download” and there is no other link.