I’m making my first hat (actually my first non-scarf project), but not in the round. I’m following a pattern from a fairly simple book.

It starts with a K2, P2 pattern, over and over for awhile. So far so good!

But I’m coming up to a row that says “rib 6, p34, rib 10, p34…”

I obviously get the the p34 part, but don’t know what the rib means, and I can’t find that abbreviation in the accompanying book. There are stitch guides for different types of ribbing, but I don’t know what to do with the “rib6” thing.

Any ideas or suggestions?

You would work 6 or 10 sts in the k2, p2 rib pattern.


it means do 6 stitches in rib, so you would K1, p1, K1, P1,K1,P1 kinda thing.

hope that helped


Wow. My first post and I get several responses in just a few minutes.

Thank you, everyone! I’ll definitely be back!!