Rib stitch rincreases

I am working on a sleeve from a sweater that is done completely in 2x2 rib stitching.

On the sleeve, the instructions are to do a 1x1 rib for 3 inches (that is fine) then to do 1 increase each side every 8 rows for 15 increases. This is fine, but of course, it looks a little strange.

Is there a really nice way to do this increase so it doesn’t look strange at the seam?

If you’re doing ribbing I would think doing one knit increase and one purl increase would work. :think: It’s going to show, nothing to do about that, but it should be on the inside/underside of the arm.

Yeah…I have done this sweater once before…and this time I am actually being lazy and doing the sleeves on the round so I don’t have to seam them at the end…

Yeah…I guess there isn’t any helping it

The weirdness in the increases will be hidden by the seam, so it should work out okay, if you just keep the rib pattern going.

If you own a ribbed sweater look at the arm increases. Even store bought ones show the increase area. It’s not like it’s something you’re doing…it’s the nature of the beast.