Rib stitch inside out?

I am making a small sweater for a bear done mostly in stockinette stitch. The pattern reads as follows:

work 4 rows in st st.
1st rib row K1, (p1,k1) to end.
2nd rib row P1, (k1,p1) to end.
work 4 rows in st st.

On the knit side it looks just sort of loose and bumpy. On the purl side, there are what look like straight cables to me…like a cable knit sweater but the cables not twisted. Should this be the other way around?

And am I interpreting the rib part of the pattern correctly?..
k,p,k,p,k,p,k…across all 25 stitches
p,k,p,k,p,k,p…across all 25 stitches

Is this right and are there really just 2 rows of knitting for the ribs?


It’s kind of hard to know without having read the pattern or seen a picture. Do you have a link? What I do know though, is that k1p1 ribbing should look the same on the front and the back.