Rib Stitch and St st

I am doing a hat patter with a standard rib k2 p2… and going to a basic St St… I want to have a Knit row separating it… so do I turn the hat on the 2nd knit round . I am using cicle needles

Are there standards for making hats? Seems the hats I have been looking at are around 80 plus stitches…

thanks ahead

You can knit flat or in the round on circular needles…so which are you doing? If you’re knitting in the round you don’t turn your work. So for a hat that starts with rib and goes to stockinette all you do is knit after the ribbing.

Stockinette is created by knitting only when you’re knitting in the round. For knitting flat you knit a row, turn, purl a row, etc.

The amount you cast on is determined by size and yarn weight and occasionally the pattern itself. If you are using worsted weight yarn and making a simple hat for an adult then 80 is about right for most hats. Here’s a simple hat calculator that might help, too.

Does this answer your question?

thanks for the answers Jan… always get something great from my posts.

Okay to clarify… I always forget to say I am knitting in the round when I say circle needles… I guess I just assume I will better clarify as I practice this…lol…

I did a rib and I am going to the st st… doing only knitting around as is common. I just wanted to do a knit only stitch between the 2… so between the rib stitches and starting the St st.

I did a row of Knit… now for the next row or round what can I do to make a stitch different from the st st…

I figured I could just turn it.

Thanks for the chart

St st, is the knit only stitch. Are you meaning you want to get the effect as though you did like a garter stitch? You are right, you can turn and knit in the other direction and then turn back when you want your St st, but that may leave a tiny hole where you turn (it may not be noticeable though). The other thing you can do is to purl a row. To get garter stitch (knit every row when working flat) in the round you knit a row, and purl a row. Isn’t knitting fascinating? :woot:

The thing that is so fascinating about Knitting I see so far… and it grows daily… is how I hated it… loathed it… I could not for the life of me learn to cast on with the long tail method…and I knitted so tight I was moving stitches with my nails… it was insane. WIth the internet, and this website I am learning so many things in such a short time its amazing. And every question I ask gets such great answers and so many tips and tricks and all the short cuts. I cant wait to see what I will be knitting in a year.

The other thing that is fascinating is that knitting is not as hard as I make it… I get so frustrated when I want to do something and know I can do it and the brain just… turns off. The concept of knitting in the round makes a St St still astounds me… and the simple answer to purl the next row… and NOT turn… made me laugh… one of those duh moments…So simple and I made it all so complicated. Thank you.

As I said the fascinating thing is the internet… Amy made a comment on a video that Eliisabeth Zimmerman said… such and such… so I googled her. And shes old, gone now… but one of her BIO’s said… She was adament on making your own patterns… do your own thing… and THAT has unleashed something I just cant explain… I want to create and make things… and behold… all these stitches already exist…lol. Thank God for Cables… thats what has my most attention right now.

Okay I rambled… thanks for the tips. I learn so much