Rib on a top down sweater

I am making a sweater on circular needles top down. Everything has gone well, but I am stuck on the rib for the body.
It’s a brioche rib which is easy enough, but when finished it, it is very slanted. What am I doing wrong :expressionless:

I wonder if maybe you’re knitting the yarn over together with the wrong stitch? Can you post a photo of the knitting? Use the landscape icon at the top center of the Reply box.

What is the name of your pattern?

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I have unpicked the rib and am going for a simpler rib.

The name of the pattern is Bubbly Sweater by Isabell Kraemer.

It would be good to know what I have been doing wrong though.



I really like Isabel Kraemer designs and this one is particularly lovely. The Bubbly sweater looks like straight stockinette to me rather than brioche like this one.


So I tried against and have gotten the same result. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?!

So this is a simple k1p1 rib? The sweater is worked top down. Are the loops at the bottom in the photo the cast on at the neck? or is this the bottom cuff of the sweater?

The sweater is worked from the neck down and the borders are in a brioche rib pattern. It’s my first with circular needles. This is the bottom cuff of the sweater. Had no problem with the neck cuff. Thinking perhaps to try again with DPN’s?

I don’t think it’s the needles. Here’s a video. At the change of the first round the slip one-yo is repeated. Possible that’s the problem area?

Thanks for sending the video. I will have a look. Wish me luck.

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I hope this solves the problem. Good luck with it and let us know!

I am getting so confused at the moment with the circular needles. In the video Susan is dividing the stitches and I think she is doing the magic loop method. Is it possible to do the rib on one circular needle?

Oh sure. Just pay attention to the way she works the sts on one side or the other (continental or thrower). The beginning of round is at the middle of the first needle so fortunately not at the split for magic loop.