Rib knit (brioche stitch i think?) help!

hi all! i’m a new knitter and got tired of garter stitch and tried brioche rib… now i’ve messed up and don’t know how to unravel or fix it. here’s a picture;

so i don’t really know what i did wrong and have tried to unravel this stitch before but i couldn’t figure it out and ended up pulling out the whole thing. any help would be awesome!! and here is a link to the stitch illustration since i have seen a couple of ways to do the brioche rib stitch; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU_Wj9GqS4Y

thanks again

I have tried this stitch and it is a bugger to try to fix an error on. I took my problem to a knitting genius friend of mine and her advice was, “Don’t make any mistakes.” I had to give up on it. That said, I recently got interested in it again and found this site dedicated to brioche. They offer a little something about errors. If you can’t figure it out (and I’m not sure I could), you may want to save this stitch for a little later in your career as a knitter. There are a lot of interesting stitches that are not so hard to fix if you make a mistake.

Brioche site.

great find:hug: thanks merigoldinWA

Hi HelloKnitKitty,
I have recently finished a scarf made with brioche stitch… it was really deifficul to figure it out and as someone said… you better dont make mistakes… it is really hard to read the threads… I have to undo my work about 6 times!
How I did it…
First cast on loosely an even number of stitches…
row1: yarn in front slip 1 purlwise; yarn in the back knit1

row2: yarn in front slip 1 purlwise; yarn over; knit 2tog

Repeat row 2 until desired length

After a while you will see it is not so hard… but try no to make mistakes : Þ

There is a website that can be useful:


Brioche is a really beautiful stitch… the effort is totally worth it : Þ


I’ve made 2 hats now with the brioche stitch (growling all the way). Both hats got ripped out many times and started over (determined cuss here). I used the instructions in Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book “Knitting Without Tears” (bad title in this case). She cautions that it is virtually impossible to correct a mistake in this stitch. She also says that it doesn’t adapt to working in the round, but it is indeed beautiful and worth the effort and concentration.