Rib gauge 1/1 vs 2/2

I’m about to start reknitting an old sweater which I’ve hardly worn. I’ve taken note of the stst gauge, and I have kept a rib panel so I can measure the gauge of that too. But it’s in 1/1 rib and I want to use 2/2 for the new article. I’ve never done 2/2 rib, so I don’t know whether I need to knit a tension swatch or not!

Question: does 1/1 rib have the same gauge as 2/2 rib?

It will be very close.

Afterall, for every 4 sts you will have 2 knits and 2 purls, just in a different order.

You really do have to knit a sample to see if they’re going to be the same, one may be stretchier than the other.

I would knit a new tension swatch, better to figure it out now than discover at the end that it wasn’t quite right!

Thanks, OK I will bite the bullet and do a swatch :sad: Just lazy, I guess… :aww: