Rib and Stockinette problem

I have just completed a sweater. There is a 1" hem of p2, k2 rib all the way around. The sweater body is Stockinette stitch. The rib part rolls up onto the stockinette especially in the back…what can I do so it will lay flat?

happy knitting…:knitting:

Depending on the fiber, blocking the sweater may prevent the roll. Usually, a ribbed pattern is enough to stop stockinette from rolling but sometimes the ribbing wants to ‘flip up’ and blocking will stop or at least minimize that.

An inch of the ribbing may not be enough to keep it from counteracting the stockinette tendency to roll which is what’s causing the rib to flip up. If blocking doesn’t help, you could snip a stitch in the top row of the ribbing to undo it, then rip back another inch of the sweater and reknit that in ribbing as well as reknit the original ribbing, making it longer over all.