Rib 3?

Making my first sweater. Just finished 4 rows of 2x2 rib. Next it says: rib 3, bind off, … This is for a button hole row. Please help!

They want you to work the first 3 stitches in the ribbing pattern as it has been established. So if that row starts with a knit, then kpk for the first three. If it starts with a purl, pkp.

Probably start the rib, k2p1 (or possibly p2k1) and then bind off however many sts the pattern states for part of the buttonhole.

You’re going to knit the first two stitches and purl the third one. Then your buttonhole begins. You will purl the first stitch. Knit the second stitch. Pass the purl stitch over the knit stitch. Knit the third stitch. Pass the previous passed stitch over that third stitch. Your next stitch after the buttonhole bind off will be a purl stitch. Then continue the rest of the row in the k2 p2 ribbing pattern until you get to the next buttonhole. On the next row, you will cast on three stitches at the buttonhole opening to get your stitch count back to where it should be. On the third row, you are going to k2 p2 across in pattern over these cast on buttonhole stitches. What they want you to do is bind off in pattern in knit and purl stitches rather than just bind off in all knit stitches.