Rhombulky Pullover by Tracy Purtscher

I’m knitting this pullover…I’m stuck on this: Neck Shaping, Size Small/Med…
What does this mean…Row 11, working both sides at once, dec 2 sts (working ssk twice)) each neck edge every RS row twice??

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You’re working both shoulders at the same time with 2separate yarn strands.
You should dec at the neck edge on the next 2 right side (RS) rows. Work this dec (ssk, ssk) on each side of the neck.

Thank you for such a prompt reply, so glad I found this website! So doing two SSK’s on each neck edge would decrease 4 sts on each neck edge on the RS row that would equal 8 decreased sts, if done twice?

I don’t know why this threw me. I was concerned because I didn’t end up with the sts I needed when finished so I must have done something wrong.

Each ssk decreases one stitch, so 2sts at one neck edge, 2sts at the other edge, so yes, 4 sts each dec row. For 2 dec rows that’s 8 sts total, you’re right.


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