Rhodiola by Michele Wang

Has anybody made Rhodiola by Michele Wang?
I am stuck on the tweed stitch. There are lots of YouTube videos about it but none that look like Michele Wang’s in the photograph, which is vertical stripes. She says decrease one stitch on the last row of ribbing but doesn’t say whether to decrease at the beginning or the end of the row, which makes a difference to whether you have knit or purl stitches facing you. I have done a swatch with three different ways of doing it but I’m still not sure.
It is a lovely winter jumper with set in sleeves and it is in “Slow Knitting “ by Hannah Theissen.

There are a couple of videos for this stitch which vary the rows slightly but the same idea. Have you done enough repeats of the pattern rows on your swatch to see the pattern?
Does the pattern give any directions for the stitch or recommend a particular video?
This one is a single color but could be worked with 2-colors. I’ll give it a try to see what it looks like in 2 colors.

It’s likely that it doesn’t matter where you make the decrease on the first row because the changed pattern stitch (from rib to tweed stitch) doesn’t need to stay aligned. You could decrease just off either edge.

Would you post photos of the swatches you’ve made so far?

OK, I originally discounted this video because the pattern was so loosely knit it was difficult to see. If you modify it for a 1 x 1 tweed stitch it should give you the look of the pattern rows on the Ravelry page.

Modified it like this:
Row 1 (RS) with color A (slip one, k1) across the row
Row 2 (WS) with A knit
Row 3 with color B (k1, slip one) across the row
Row 4 with B knit

I was just looking for something else and happened to find this video that I’d saved. I thought it looks a lot like the two color stitches in the photo on Ravelry. I have no idea that this is what you’re needing but just in case here’s a link. I’ve no idea what you should do concerning your decreases or I would have replied earlier. I was sure salmonmac would know!
Easy Colour Pattern from a Vintage Pattern Book