Rheinlust pattern help

Hello, first time user of this site but long time knitter. I’ve started a new shawl pattern that has both a chart and written directions. In general directions it states that chart A repeat 1 time, but there is no way to repeat chart A since you start out with 4 CO sitiches and end on the 16th row with 13 stitches. Could the “repeat chart A 1 time” mean just to knit once? #2 question. At the beginning of chart B there are directions…1k [yo 1ktb 1p ( 1k 1ptb 1k) 5 times] knit to the end. What part is the repeat? I don’t understand the brackets.

My questions will continue. The main chart is more confusing to me with the [ ] and ( ) and # inside and out side off both. I looked for a video to explain but that did not help. Any help would be great. Thanks! Mary


Is this a German to English translation? My guess from looking at the picture and what you wrote is that you’re correct that it means to knit it once. You could check the pattern support thread here.

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If you click on the 14th photo down in this project, it looks like a singe repeat of the chart. You can clearly see the tip and just about count the sts.

When you have both brackets [ ] and parentheses () or even asterisks ** start at the innermost set and work out.
For directions like 1k [yo 1ktb 1p ( 1k 1ptb 1k) 5 times] knit to the end, repeat the (1k, pfb, 1k) 5 times.

If it then said to repeat the directions in brackets x times, you would start at the yo, 1kfb, 1p, and work through to the ending bracket including a repeat of the parentheses 5x. Do this for x times. At least at this point in the pattern there are no repeats of the instructions within the brackets [ ].

This is all explained with clearer examples in the following video. The instructions for repeats start at about 3:00 and especially after about 6:45. The symbols used may be different but the idea is the same.