Rewarding experience

I dropped off a couple shawls and twiddlemuffs at a local nursing home. The lady was happy to see wheelchair friendly shawls, but she was overwhelmed with the muffs. They did not have any and she said how wonderful they would be for the dementia patients.

Tears filled her eyes, and we hugged with such an
Emotional moment. And I had never met her before.

We all donate items but it is rare to see how they are received. A very special moment.

I am now going to be the self named twiddler…will be knitting a bunch for her in the future.

Wanted to share my happy story, and remind us all what we do truly matters.


That’s very cool! But…what the heck is a twiddle muff or a wheelchair friendly shawl?

Wheelchair friendly shawl is one that is rectangle as opposed to
Triangle. Makes it easier to drape over the shoulders.

Twiddlemuff…sure wish I knew about them when my mom had dementia.
I will post a link. Many have a lot of things sewn on for the busy hands to
Twiddle with. Inside and outside the muff. Due to not having the strongest
Thread they talk about, mine are more muffs. Soft and warm inside
For fragile hands, and colourful with different yarn and textures on the outside.
Here is a pix of my first one.

Here is a link from ravelry.


Ohhhh that makes sense! That’s great! :heartbeat:

That twiddlemuff is kind of a like a fidget thing for those with dementia. Great idea!

You were their special Santa this year. God bless you!

The twiddlemuff is lovely. Just the bright colors and texture are pleasing enough. Great job.

How wonderful!
I am finishing my 2nd to donate along with 2 twiddle cuffs (which is a smaller wrist cuff version).
My grandmother had Alzheimer’s when I was younger. Wish something like these or fidget quilts had been available for her.

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Yes I understand. I wish I knew about them when my
Mom was with us.

So you and I and countless others are making others aware
Of them so hopefully comfort will be felt by many who are
Often the forgotten ones. For me it is In loving memory of mom.

All the best to you.

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What a beautiful experience. There really is more happiness in giving. That was a heartwarming read. Thank you for sharing.