Revontuli in the round - will it work?

So I’m in love with this pattern :

But I want to make it with worsted weight yarn, in the round and use it as a throw.

In my brain it will work if I omit the edge stitches (obviously), and keep the ‘center’ stitch between each repeat.

Hmm… actually now that I’m really thinking it out I’m not sure if I would only want 4 repeats or if it would take more than that.

If anyone has any experience with this lemme know… otherwise I’m just going to play with it until I get what I want :wink:

I think you need to keep the center spine st, only you’ll add 3 more in lieu of the edge sts. Go ahead and play with it, and I’m pretty sure it’ll work.

Good call on adding sts to the center spine stitch! I’m going to try casting it on tomorrow (hopefully!), I’ll let you know how it goes :o)

Ummm not adding more sts to the center spine - making more center spines. Think of it as making two of these at once, joined in the center. You’ll have 2 center spines radiating out from the middle, then 2 more at the ‘edges’ where the 2 of them meet.

Thanks for posting this pattern. It is very pretty!

Have you tried emailing the one that designed it? They may have instructions for making it into a circle.