Revisiting the Professor Sweater


Hi All. Hope you are all enjoying the summer months. I have returned to the above mentioned Sweater after finishing a Basketweave Baby Blanket. Of course with your fine assistance! Now I am up to the collar after finishing both sleeves. Stating to pick up 48 stitches, along right front to neck shaping. So I am thinking that is is just along the front to stop where the neck begins? Still a doubter. Where are you Salmonac? Such great help all the time.


Good for you, you’re almost finished with this really sweet cardigan.

Yup, you’ve got it right. Pick up along that straight front edge before the slant for the neck.


Good Afternoon. I have picked up 178 sts. for-the size I am doing. Now I need to knit 1row, then cut color B and go to the ‘A’color. Then knit 2 rows. That puts me on the buttonhole row on the right side. What is w&t? (Wrap & turn). Have never done this. Also is the w&t right after the bottonholes? Do you do this method every time you come to the short row?

Thank you again!


W&T is wrap and turn, a method for short row shaping by adding extra rows. In this pattern it will add extra rows to the collar at the neck (between markers 1 and 2). By doing a technique like w&t (or German short rows), you avoid holes at the turn. That said, many patterns in garter stitch don’t bother with any such technique but simply have you turn.

After the buttonhole row there is a knit row and then the start of the short rows.