Revised Interchangeable Poll

This is a revised interchangeable poll including all sets.

I only have the Options, so I may be a bit biased, but I absolutely LOVE them! :hug: :muah:

DH got them for me for Christmas. I asked him to also get me the size 13 points and great guy that he is, he also got me the 15 and 17 points as well as the 40" cables. I haven’t put them down all week!

Again, I’ve never tried any of the others, but I am totally in love!


I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: MY OPTIONS!

Nadja xxx

I have the NeedleMaster and Options. I tried Denise, but didn’t like them. I really like Options and they are my faverite needles out there.

I only have Options, but i absolutely ADORE them. I did try the Denise once and much prefer the Options.

I only have the Options set (DH bought for me early for Christmas :slight_smile: ) but I have tried regular Boye circs and the ‘build your own set’ Boyes fro Hobby Lobby and hated them. I refuse to even try DPNS for in the round, so I LOVE the Options for magic loop. I use my interchangables now for all my knitting and haven’t touched any of my straight needles since November! (well, I do have one set of DPN for I-cord, so I do use straights!) I can’t wait until Knitpicks comes out with 16" cords, but I am doubting they could get smaller, the needles are pretty long compared to the other circs I’ve used.

Options rock!!! I love them.

sorry about the double post!

Oh! This is so exciting… I just ordered the Options with some Christmas cash! So glad to hear how much you all love them!

I have the Boye, Denise, and Options… just got the options for Christmas and already they are my favorite… I love the join and the needle just seems to glide with the yarn… I kinda feel sad for the other 2… I know they will prolly collect dust now but hate to part with them as they were gifts too… :teehee:

yep i am loving my options too. not sure i like the join any more than i i like the Denise join but i have only used one set of the needles yet so it could just be something wonky with that cord. i will say that there is something that i expected that is definitely missing. :frowning:

It is that pretty tinkly noise the addis make when they clink together. :teehee:

I have Denise, never tried Options, so my vote may not count.
However, I do admit that I love the Denise set.