Review Of Wooden Needles (Straight)

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”] Hey All,
I am thinking of treating myself, yet again, with a new pair of straight needles.

Needle Specification:
Bigger than a 12/2.75mm and smaller than a 10.75/7.00mm (half way between them would be great).
Must be from (sustainable woodland/recycled wood).
Must be approximately the length of A4 piece of paper/can fit in a paper file!
Must not be too expensive or jewel encrusted.

I would like to know what the difference between birch wood and rosewood, and their advantages/disadvantages.

So in essence, I am looking for a review of knitting needle materials.



I was going to say Lantern Moon, until I got to the “not too expensive” part, depending upon what you think “expensive” is. :slight_smile: If you’re curious anyway, take a look at their backstory, which for me is the real reason I buy them. They’re beautiful needles to look at, and are gorgeous to knit on. I recently splurged on three pairs, as I couldn’t resist how beautiful they are!

Birch is light in color, takes stain very well, is a furniture grade hardwood, and birch ply is one of the strongest plywoods. Here’s more info on Birch characteristics.

Rosewood is one of the most dense fine hardwoods, and so is very strong. It is also extremely attractive. There are actually a few different kinds of wood known as “rosewood”, so you have to know what kind is being used to really know what the characteristics of the wood are that you have being called rosewood. The original wood called “rosewood” is [I]Dalbergia nigra[/I], which is a CITES-listed endangered species, so companies like Lantern Moon are probably using another rosewood.


[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”] Hey All,
GlobalTraveller -I have had a quick peek at Lantern Moon… They are so beautiful. They are more display knitting needles rather than for doing actual knitting!

I’ve been using Crystal Palace circular needles which I just love Phoenix. Those may work for you. :slight_smile:

I ordered three pairs last year and they are just wonderful to work on. You jhave to remember that for me with the exchange rates and the postage I had to multiply the price by about 8 to get it converted into my own currency. I can only recommend them highly they are really a treat to knit with.