Reversing the left side of sweater to make the right side

I’m knitting the Yarn Forward’s Bomber Jacket for my husband and I’m a little stuck…

I have knitted the left front and am now on to the right front, where the pattern reads as such:

With 4mm. needles, cast on 44 [46:48: 50] sts.
1st row
K.2, * P.2, K.2, rep. from * to last 2 [0: 2: 0] sts., P 2 [0: 2: 0] sts.
2nd row K. 2 [0: 2: 0], P.2, * K.2, P.2, rep. from * to end.
Rep. last 2 rows until work measures 9cm. (3½ ins) from cast-on edge.
Change to 5mm. needles, and starting with a K. row, work 6 rows in
Divide for pocket (R.S. facing)
Next row K.18 [20: 22: 24] sts., leave rem. 26 sts. on a spare needle.
Cast on 24 sts. for pocket lining. Starting with a P. row, work 32 rows in
Next row Cast off 24 sts., P. to end. Leave these sts. on a spare needle. Return to the 26 sts. on spare needle and work 32 rows. Working across all sts., and starting with a K. row, cont. in until work measures 41 [39:43: 42]cm. (16 [15: 17: 16½] ins) from cast-on edge, ending with a W.S. row.
Shape armhole
Cast off 4 [5: 5: 5] sts., K. to end. P 1 row. Dec. 1 st. at armhole edge on every row until 31 [32: 33: 34] sts. remain. Cont. straight until work measures 57 [57: 62: 62]cm. (22½ [22½: 24½: 24½] ins) from cast-on edge, ending with an R.S. row.
Shape neck
Cast off 5 sts., P. to end. Keeping armhole edge straight, dec. 1 st. at neck edge on next and every foll. alt. row until 21 [21: 22: 22] sts. remain. Cont. straight until work measures 65 [65: 70: 70]cm. (25½ [25½: 27½: 27½] ins) from cast-on edge, ending with a W.S. row.
Shape shoulder
Cast off 7 sts. at beg. of next and foll. alt. row. P. 1 row. Cast off rem 7 [7: 8: 8] sts.

Work to match left front, reversing pocket and all shaping.

I am ready to divide for the pocket on the right side, but I can’t figure out how to start this row. Would I leave 26 stitches on a spare needle and then knit the 20 (I am making the first size in the parentheses)? If so, how do I move the yarn from the end of the row to where I would begin knitting? Or would I knit across and start dividing for the pocket on a purl row? Or something else entirely that I’m not thinking of?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Im not sure if it would be correct but i would break the yarn, put the 26 stitches on the spare needle, then re-attatch the yarn to work across the remaining 20 stitches.

Ditto what Sophie said. :thumbsup: Break the yarn to be able to start knitting on the correct side.

Thanks, guys! Got that right side done and now am on to a sleeve…:stuck_out_tongue: