Reversing shapings

:doh: I’m knitting a sweater and am up to shaping neck on the front. I’ve done 1 side and have slipped the next 17 stitches onto stitch holder. Now the patterns says to pattern to end. Work to match first side reversing shapings. Sounds fine but to pattern to the end of the row I’m actually having to reverse the pattern that is in the sweater.
The pattern is:
Purl every 2nd row
The pattern is easy going in the right direction however I have to go backwards to finish of the first row.
K3,then what. The holes must line up correctly.
I’m completely stuck - any help would be great!

Are you sure you aren’t just on a wrong side row and just need to purl back across to “stay in pattern”?

Unfortunately no!
I can’t work it out at all

Is it possible to break the yarn and rejoin it and work a right side row instead of doing what it seems to require?

Did you ever get this figured out? I couldn’t sleep well last night and I kept thinking about your issue. I can’t for the life of me figure out how you could even get in this sort of situation (not saying you aren’t), but could you explain the exact steps you have taken on the neck shaping to land you with this issue.

I’m happy to report that I did get it figured out and am now knitting up the sleeves. I admit I had a ‘mental moment’. When I reattached the wool to the next side, I was counting the pattern from the wrong end. All I had to do was count from the end I first started on when I did the first side, count through the stitches on the holder and just continue where I was up to. I’ve knitted other jumpers before and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. All I can put it down to was old age or some such thing.:shrug:
Thanks for the concern - most appreciated

Thanks for the report. I’m glad you got this figured out, I was wondering how you were doing on your sweater. :thumbsup: