Reversing left front and stripes

I am making my first sweater. It has 4 row repeating stripes. The pattern says to carry the yarns up the sides instead of cutting every color change. The LEFT FRONT went without a hitch, with the color changes at the selvedge edge. I have tried and tried to get the colors to change at the selvedge edge on the “reverse” RIGHT FRONT but to no avail. Am I missing something here, or do I have to cut at the front button edge and weave the ends. I don’t really want to do that if I don’t have to because the yarn is a chunky cotton that doesn’t like to stay weaved in very well.

You may have to work a bit opposite of what you did on the other side. Begin with a wrong side row rather than a right side row, it that’s what you did for the other side. The yarn placement should be reversed. :thinking:

thank you. I tried that, beginning with a purl instead of a knit stitch, but the second color got mixed up with the first color, which showed on the right side. I think I have no choice but to cut each stripe and weave the ends. :frowning:

Usually in stockinette stitch, the colors only show poorly on the purl side or with garter. I’d think that if the other side is ok, then you should be able to reverse it. IS it stockinette?

Well, the only way to solve the problem is to reverse everything. I had to purl when it said knit and knit each purl. Doing this, it is perfectly reversed with the color change at the selvedge.

I guess that’s what I meant. I so glad you got it worked out. All those ends at the edge would have ruined the sweater’s look.