Reversing knitting charts


I am making a scarf with the Notre Dame logo on it. I have a chart for the logo, but I am not sure how to manipulate it so that the logo is facing the correct way on both ends of the scarf. I have tried three different iterations of the pattern and they are all yielding the same thing: the logo is right-side-up, but backwards. Does anyone have experience with manipulating existing charts like that?

Welcome to KH!
If you haven’t gotten too far, one suggestion is to knit half the scarf from the end to mid-back and then repeat. Join the two pieces with 3 needle bind off or grafting.
If it’s too late for that, you need to work the chart from the top down, starting on the left hand side of the chart and proceeding to the right for the far side of the scarf.
It may help to make a drawing of a rectangle and then roughly add in the logo at one end, turn the paper and add in the logo at the other end. You can then see how the logo appears for knitting in one direction.

Thank you! I think I may have already tried that with no success. The chart is complicated by the fact that it’s a double knit scarf. Will either try again or be content with the logo being on only one end of the scarf.