Reversing all shaping

I hate “reversing all shaping”! Why can’t it just be written out again? My sweater is an “experienced” pattern and I’m almost ready to begin the right front and I’m going to have to “reverse all shaping”. Does anyone have a hint for coping with this? To me it’s like, “Ok, now stand on your head and use your feet instead of your hands and do the same thing you did on the left, only different.”:slight_smile:

I always make my fronts at the same time on a circ so any shaping done on one side is done at the same time on the other, only the mirror image. Never had a problem.


A few hints are: 1. If you did the bind offs for shaping on the public side of the sweater on the side they explained you will do them on the inside of the sweater on the second side. 2. You always do bind offs at the beginning of the row. 3. You will want decreases that slant the opposite way the first ones you worked did. :slight_smile: 4. Practice makes better, I don’t know about perfect. Good luck.

I know what you mean about the difficulty of figuring this all out, especially if the pattern stitch is complicated. You have to do a lot of thinking and that can hurt. :slight_smile:

I’m working on a baby outfit with the same instructions. My pattern suggestions that for where it says knit, you purl and purl for knit. It’s working so far for me.