Reversing a pattern!

I’m about to start making a new sweater. I found a great pattern that needs very little alteration, except for one big thing–it’s inside-out. It’s almost all stockinette, except with the purl side facing out. I guess that’s selvage, not stockinette. Anyway, I’m reversing that. Easy enough–just switch K to P and P to K…except for the variously leaning decreases:

  1. yb, s2 as if to K2tog, K1, psso, yf
  2. P2tog
  3. SSK
  4. P2tog tbl
  5. K2tog

How should I reverse these? Trying to visualize the leaning decreases and reversing them is making my head ache!

Right slanting decrease on right side (knit side) = k2tog
Right slanting decrease on wrong side (purl side) = p2tog
Left slanting decrease on right side = SSK
Left slanting decrease on wrong side = SSP

Videos for all types of decreases can be found here.

So, that means I [U]can[/U] simply replace Ps with Ks and Ks with Ps? Cool!

Knit however is easier and then turn it right side out?

OMG. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Knit as directed, then turn around before sewing together.

Totally brilliant.

The pattern is in reverse stockinette. Selvedge is the very edge.