Reversing a cable chart

I have a pattern for arm warmers that have a beautiful cable pattern. I finished one no problem. For the other it says to reverse the chart. I’m confused as to how to tackle this. I’m assuming I start from the left side instead of the right, but how do you handle the cables? Example, if the chart says slip 1 to needle, hold in back, k1, p from cable, do I do the same thing when I reverse the chart or do I have to also reverse the cable (slip 1, hold in front, p1, k from cable). Any help is appreciated!

I’ve never had to reverse a cable chart, but I imagine that you do the cables as they’re charted, but just in the opposite order.

The only exception I can think of is this is if you want to have a mirror image of the cable twists–right twist on one arm and left twist on the other.