Reversible patchwork blanket pattern

Quite some time ago, a beautiful blanket was made by forum members and sent to Amy. I remember seeing pictures of it on the front page…can anyone tell me where to find the pattern for such a creation?
Thank you!

Amy’s blanket was done in squares. Each person did a square of their own choosing and then several people got together to seam it.

There was no pattern, but it’s easy enough to do. Just choose a size square you want (Amy’s were 12 in squares) and make however many you want. Many patterns are not technically reversible in that the pattern won’t look the same on both sides. Up to you how you want to handle that. Then you can seam them as is or crochet around the edge with a contrasting color. The crochet edge can be seamed more easily in many cases.

If you have trouble finding patterns for squares you can get a book that has a bunch in it. There are lots of them, but here are a few. I don’t have them so I don’t know much about them, but they seem to have good reviews. Try your library, too.

there are two patterns that I can think of (besides, of course, simple garter stitch) that are reversible; seed stitch and moss stitch. These stitch patterns can be found on Lion Brand’s Stitch Finder. A blanket of garter, seed and moss squares would be interesting, especially if you have it set up where no two squares of the same kind are touching each other directly.