Reversible fabric

Hello all,

My name is Cynthia and I am a newbie here!

I just got introduced to knitting by way of Knooking (using a crochet hook) and I have a question about doing reversible pieces.

I saw a video on here doing double knitting with a graph and since I don’t knit using needles, what is an easy way to create this look? I was debating on it I should create two pieces and sew them together. Also, with using a graph, is it one block = one stitch or is it different with knitting?

Thanks a lot,

With color charts one block is a stitch, that’s not so true in lace knitting, but doubt you’ll be doing that. Do you know of the Knooking group on Ravelry? They might be able to help you better as that isn’t a common method of crocheting/knitting.

Hi there,

I am a member of that group on Ravelry but having looked at some things online, I think I got down the way I want to do it. I got a pattern that I am going to analyze for a bit and figure it out that way. But yeah, I wasn’t sure if it was the same thing when reading graphs in knitting. Thanks so very much.