Reversible Cabled Scarfs

I think I’ve created my first knitted pattern ! This is called a Reversible Cable Scarf, it doesn’t matter which way you wear it because the cable is seen from both sides.

The yellow scarf is for a sick co-work and the staff is making up a ‘Sunshine Basket’ for her. You can add anything to the basket as long as it’s yellow. I have a lot of this yellow yarn in my stash so it came in very handy for this project.

The brownish gray scarf is for my mail lady. It’s a ‘Hoodie Reversible Cable Scarf’

Both patterns are my own ideas . I love knitting the reversible cable, I thought it would be hard to knit but it’s very easy to do.

I posted this project on an other knitting site I’m on and the ladies posting how they think my model looks just like Sean Connery. Maybe he needs to work on Sean’s accent …yeah that’s it ! Me personally I don’t see it , I do see Grumpy Cat !

They are really nice! So sweet of you to make such lovely things for those in need!

I love reversible cables! I’ve always wanted to make this throw!

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Nanaof6, those are gorgeous scarfs and they are very thoughtful gifts. The recipients will be over-joyed, I’m sure.

Jan, love the afghan pattern and the fact that it’s reversible.

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I’ve knitted a Cable Afghan but not with the reversible cable technique. The afghan link is a big undertaken in cable knitting :thumbsup:

Wow ! Both are gorgeous. You have a very lucky friend and mail lady.

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