Reversible cable scarf...and my ugly mug

Aww very cute “mug”:wink: and gorg scarf!!! I’d rather do cables than socks:thumbsup:

I have yet to go after socks as a project. I think that I would get bored with it. Or I would get one done and go, “Oh god. Seriously I have to do another one.”

I did love the link that someone posted on how to do two socks a once DK.

Love the scarf I think it really looks nice, but like you, will not be doing cables any time soon. Look at the Aran Cable Blanket I posted you will see why. Did not mind some scarves I have done with fewer smaller cables, but still going to avoid any for a while that is for sure.

I found the magazine that it was in. It was in the Interweave Knit Accessories from Fall 2009.

It’s perfect! I made the same scarf for my son, and I felt the same way when I was finally finished. :slight_smile:

It’s gorgeous…and you do NOT have an ugly mug, most definitely. You’re a cutie.
I didn’t know a person could get tired of cables, will have to try a scarf like that now. Thanks for posting the pic and the pattern.

Did you use large needles and yarn? I might do that… (and how many stitches?)…guess I’m asking for the whole pattern, just love it.

a scarf is such a great gift…like giving a nice, warm hug that lasts forever!

If I remember it calls for a lot of stitches for the width that you get. The cables end up scrunching it together a lot so you cast on something like 90 stitches on size 8 needles with a worsted weight yarn. So you only end up with about 6 inches of width for a decent amount of stitches.