Reversible cable scarf...and my ugly mug

I knit this for my partner. I now hate cables.

I hate cables anyway :smiley:

But nice work

Looks like it turned out great … I’m sure he’ll appreciate all the cable work! :cheering:

I think you have a cute mug. And you may now hate cables, but I’ll bet your partner won’t!!

Oh I think your mug is very handsome! :wink: The scarf is gorgeous!

Why do you hate cables?

Great scarf.

I think he meant that he is tired of cables… Like I got tired of garter after my first scarf…

Precisely. I used to love cables, before this scarf. Now I"m sick of them. This pattern involves this pass repeated 4x.

6 stitches to cn
P1, K3, P1
Move the last stitch slipped to the cable needle back to the left needle and purl
P1, K3, P1 from cn
P2, K3, P2

I am so sick of that row.

Yeah, I agree. When you have a lot of cables like that you don’t want to see one again for awhile. :teehee:

Knit a cabled scarf in the very same color, the more cables I knit, the more I like them. Going to cast on a cabled sweater for my DH in a few weeks, excited to get it started!

Your scarf is great, and if it doesn’t warm up here soon, he’ll be wearing it on July 4th.

It’s a beautiful scarf!

Well it sure turned out beautiful!! I haven’t done cables for a while now. Wouldn’t mind them for a project but sure don’t wanna do 'em all the time.

and PS - your mug isn’t ugly at all!! Quite handsome!

Wow, it’s a beautiful scarf and very masculine looking. What pattern is it?

Very nice scarf - lookes uber warm!!

It is called “Here and There Cables” by Norah Gaughan. I think that I got it out of the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits but I’m not 100% sure. I can let you know when I get home and actually get my hands on the magazine that it came from.

It’s a handsome scarf! You might hate cables now…but you’ll get over it! :slight_smile:

I know. It’s almost like an abusive relationship. The cables beat me up, but I still come back for more eventually.

LOL, yeah I was quite fond of that scarf when I saw your pic of it. Is it ONLY that row repeated or is there more to it?

There are 6 other rows that repeat a different pattern. It’s very easy though. The only hard part is the 7th cable row.

Handsome scarf [I]and [/I]mug!