Reversible cable confusion!

Hey :wave:t2: I’m new to the fourmn. Wondering if anyone can help me figure out where I’m going wrong with this pattern?

In my version (the red one) i’m expecting the cable on the left to pass under the one on the right (the yellow is an example of how it should look). I believe I’m following the pattern exactly (holding the stitches at the front or back as it tells me to) and have reknittied this 3 times but really can’t understand why it’s not working. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :).

I’ve never seen a cable like that. Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

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It’s the Viti scarf by We Are Knitters

I really like that cable!!!


I just knitted a sample of this pattern (the first 15 rows) and mine doesn’t look like the picture either! Maybe you should continue with the pattern and see how it looks after 30-40 rows?!??

One thing I noticed, it says to repeat rows 2-9 for the pattern. Make sure you are NOT including Row 1 with the repeats. And to make sure you are placing 6 sts on your cable needle each time, along with placing it in front or in back properly, following the instructions.

Anyway, try continuing for another couple of inches and see how it looks then. I’ll do the same with mine and we’ll compare!!


@knitcindy thank you sooo much for your help! I was indeed including row 1 with the repeats and didn’t even realise this until I read your advice, thank you so much. I unpicked it and started again and it’s working great now :). Thanks again!


I’m soooooo glad it worked out for you! You’ve done a beautiful job with your scarf. I also love the color. I didn’t go any further with mine because I had to start something else.

Glad I could help!!