Reversible Baby Hat

I’m very pleased with how this reversible baby hat turned out. Originally, I was going to make a bear hat, but decided to leave off the ears, so it can be reversible.
Pattern: Bernat Cottontots Bear Hat

Here’s how it looks when it’s not folded:

Oh I love it! Great choice for yarns!

That hat is adorable! Love the color combination…and your stitches are so even!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


adorable and great colors!

So cute! Great color combo :thumbsup:

Looks great! I love the fact that it’s reversible … that’s so cool! Great choice of colors as well :cheering:

I actually just got LUCKY with the color combination. In my stash, I had Cottontots yarn in Blue Berry, Strawberry, Wonder White, and Sweet Dreams ombre. Originally I was going to use blue and white, but decided to use Sweet Dreams instead. So glad it worked out! :cheering:

I [U]love[/U] the feel of Cottontots, and it makes such a nice fabric. :thumbsup:

Thanks Judy. :hug: I’m a tight knitter, which helps to keep my stitches even. Plus I’m kind of “OCD” too…:teehee: My poor hubby has to put up with my “particular” attitude every day. He deserves a medal.

That’s just too cute! I’ll bet it’s warm too.

That is one darn cute hat, Sandy! Very well done!!!

that turned out so cute! I saw the beginings on the Bernat site. You got it done fast…

It WAS fast! I did this is as a “go-between” project on the blog, because my normal monthly project has been going very slow. The second (and final) post about this hat will be on the blog next week.

LOVE it! I’ve been wanting to make a hat like that ever since I saw the pattern at my LYS.