Reversibel toys


Just came across this cute toy. I will make this as soon as possible:

This got my ideas running wild while at the office and I came up with the following other pets to use for this:

these two are given:

and then:

lamb (almost like the bunny, I guess)

what else?

Online I found a reversible chicken (chick) and egg, that was pretty cute, too.

That’s cute. My kids had a doll that reversed when they were little, but it was cloth not knit.

I moved this thread here since it’s not actually a work in progress yet or a finished project. This forum is for sharing and looking for patterns. :thumbsup:

thanks for moving it! I will try it shortly so I thought it was a WIP in a mental way.

now I can call it a FO. Made this thing from stash pieces. It is really cute! Just don’t make the body part to short. I did the measures exactly to pattern and feel it could be a little longer. The beak could have done with a row more. But it was just a test piece for me. This is fun!

my list also sports a penguine now. I will have to keep using yarn rests!

Oh I see. Well, a lot more people will be able to see and respond to it here since it’s sorta about patterns, too. :thumbsup: When you actually have something to share then by all means post it in What’cha Knittin’. :slight_smile:

Well I do have something, but a pic I can only post tonight. Which does not matter. The thread is great here. No problem.

How is that, by the way:
I found several point where I do want to change the pattern (measurements and adding new characters). If I do so, can I / should I post the instructions here? I mean: is this against the previous pattern-makers copy right? Reversible animals seem not to be tooooo uncommon, but I started out with this one. Just let me know.
If it is concidered a problem, I will only tell my changes here.

The copyright is at the bottom of the pattern, but it doesn’t say anything about altering it. I doubt if it’s a problem unless you try to sell it. If you’re just sharing I’m sure it’s fine.

Not all members look in all the forums so it’s always good to try and post in the right ones, but I know some things overlap a bit and it’s sometimes difficult to know where to put them. :wink: Members do tend look for photos of WIP and FO in What’cha Knittin’ and questions about patterns here or in How-to. :wink:

I have made my own pattern. I made the frog prince. And it came out great. :happydance: I did also write the pattern, but I did write it in German first. As soon as I am done with the English pattern, I will post it here in a new thread.

The only thing I really used from the original it the way things are mounted together, but I guess that that is not an original invention of the maker of that pattern. I will email her, just in case.

And, no, I will not sell my pattern, I will just give it to everyone and hope for cute frogs to jump out! :slight_smile:


The Frog Prince is done! I will make a new thread since this is about my own pattern and I am really proud of myself that I have finished writing a pattern.

The link I will enter here as soon as I have created the thread! :slight_smile: