Reversed make one knit?

I’m supposed to “make one knit on RS”

No problem usually… except I’m knitting the wrong side.

How do I make one knit on the right side, from the wrong side?
Make 1 purl?

There’s lots of definitions of “make 1.” Can you describe, or point to one of the increases named on the increase page of this site, so we know which one you’re using on the right side?


The instructions say “make 1 knit stitch on RS of work (untwisted knit stitch formed on RS of work)”

I didn’t really know how to make an untwisted stitch, so after trying a few different “m1”'s I decided I preferred the look of make 1 (front) (left) as seem here:

Great. To do that on the purl-side (so it looks the same on the knit side):

Lift the strand from the front with the left needle (same as in other video), but purl up through the back loop to make the stitch.


What would I do without you?

Thank you.