Reverse the shaping?

I’m working on a pattern for a baby snuggle (all in one type outfit). Last night I finished the left front…let me tell you, it was a year and a half in the making, so this was quite the accomplishment. I’m ready to cast on for the right front and the directions say :

Work as given for the Left Front, reversing all shaping (an easy way to do this is to follow pattern for Left Front but read p for k, and k for p), and ignoring motif.

So…here are the beginning rows as described for the Left Front :

Start at foot. With 3 1/2mm (US5) needles and M (main colour yarn), cast on 11 sts. this part I understand

1st row : knit
2nd row : cast on 3 sts, p to end (14 sts)

So, if I’m to be reversing the shaping as instructed, do I purl row 1, then for row 2, cast on 3 sts and knit to the end? And then continue in this manner for the rest of the rows until I’m all done?

And if this is the case, much of the arm shaping is done by casting on 2 stitches at the beginning of all knit rows for a specified number of rows. Would I then, cast on the 2 stitches on purl rows? How does one cast on to a purl row? I only know how to do a knitted cast on when adding stitches to a work in progress.

You’ve got the right idea. As you progress, you’ll be able to see which edge is which, as well.

As for the cast-on, you can do knitted–it won’t really matter with seaming.

Thanks Ingrid. I’m about to CO for the right side now. I’m crossing my fingers that this part doesn’t take me a year and a half like the other side did :p…I’ve only got until the end of March. Nothing like working on a deadline.

Oh and a quick peek at the WIP (I need to take more pictures of it - this was right after I finished the motif, about 30 rows from the final bind off) :

You don’t necessarily reverse the st, but only the shaping parts - incs or decs. If you increased on the RS beginning of the row, for the other front you’ll inc on the WS beginning of the row.