Reverse Stocking Stitch in Pattern

I have a pattern I’d like to try. It is a chain link pattern pullover. I understand that when asked to reverse stocking stitch you knit purls on the wrong side row and purl knits on the right side row. And for the cable pattern it is clearly marked where to do this “reverse” stitching. But for the hem line I’m confused and can use some expert advice. The pattern says:
Cast on 104sts.
Work set-up row(WS) as follows: K4 Reverse ST st, k4, *p4,k8; repeat from * 7 times, p4,k4,k4 Rev St st. On the next row (RS), work in Rev St st or Row 1 from chain link chart as follows: 4 sts Rev St st (purl on RS, Knit on WS), work Row 1 of chart over center 96 sts, 4 sts Rev St st. Maintaining sts at each side in Rev St st, and working center sts in chain link pattern from chart.

Do I reverse all the stitches in the row or just the first 4? Or the k4, p4, k8 should be p4,k4,p8?

And where it says to p4, k4, k4 Rev St st. could it be a typo and mean p4, k4, p4? why k4 and k4 again? Or do I k4, then p4 since Rev St st is after the second k4??

As you can tell if you’ve read this far I’m very confused. I would like to figure this pattern out as I’m planning on knitting this sweater for my husband and hope to have it done for the holidays. Thanks to all or anyone who can help me make sense of all this!!

It looks like you have to maintain rev st st on the first and last 4 stitches of the pattern.

What confuses me just a bit is that on the set-up row, the area where I’m guessing the cable is supposed to be says to
p4, k8. But it lists the set-up row as the wrong side, and I would think the right side should be p4, k8. :??

Thanks, that makes more sense.

Yeah, it seems like the pattern starts right away. Unless that row makes a small ribbed edge…although in the photo it looks like there is no edge. the chain pattern seems to start at the beginning. So maybe that’s why the pattern starts at row one…