Reverse stockinette stitch

I just realized tha the pattern for this bag says to do it in rev st st…I know that is reverse stockinette stitch, but what I don’t see is how it makes any difference when felted. Is there a difference in the end result when you use different stitches? Is one “sturdier” than another? Stockinette seems rather thin and plain old garter seems thicker, but…? :?? Would it make any difference if I just used garter stitch?

Well rev st st isn’t the same as garter, in case that’s what you’re asking.

I don’t think there’s any difference betwen rev st st and st st for felting–the surface will possibly look different, but both are exactly the same. It just depends on what side you’re looking at.

Garter? I think you’ll still get ridges, if that’s an issue.

Okay. I guess I’ll just do what it says to do this time anyway. So when I’m doing reverse stockinette I purl first and then knit? Wouldn’t that be the same? Or can I just flip the pattern over and use the other side. It’s just stripes knit flat.

Stockinette stitch is knits on one side, purls on the other.

Regular st st has the knits as the right side, Reverse st st has the purls as the right side.

So just make it as long as you need it and have the purls be considered the front.

Okay, thanks Ingrid!

Is the bag knit flat, or in the round? If it is knit in the round, reverse stockinette would be purl every round. Just thought I’d make that clarification, just in case.

This is knit flat so I have to do one row of each. :rollseyes: Maybe next time I’ll do an “in the round” bag. :wink: