Reverse shaping

so now I come to this line in a pattern Continue as first side reversing all shaping and making buttonhole on 8th row HOW do you do reverse shaping?Reverse how?

Whatever decreases you did on the first side’s armhole you do on the second side’s armhole, and whatever you did on the neck you do on this neck. If you bound off stitches for the armhole with the right side facing, you’ll have to bind off stitches with the wrong side facing, because they have to be at the beginning of the row. Other than that, just do the armhole decreases at the armhole edge and the neck decreases at the neck edge.

So reverse means to just change right side to wrong side not knit rows backwards?

It really means just to do your armhole shaping and your neck shaping on the opposite sides than you did the first side.

For binding off for the armhole, you might do the first one with the right side facing you; then you’ll have to do the other side with the wrong side facing you, just so you’ll do them at the beginning of the row. Once you have the armhole on the correct side, then you’ll know which sides you’ll do the other decreases. It doesn’t really matter if you do them from the wrong side or the right side of the knitting, just so long as they’re on the arm edge or the neck.