Reverse shaping question

Okay, I finished with the left side of the cardigan I am working on. It had me ending with a wrong row and starting the shaping on the rs (see bold directions below).

[b]Row 1: at arm edge BO 7 sts & work until last 4 sts, S1, k1, psso (neck dec) k2.

Row 2: P3 work in pattern as established to end of row.

Dec 1 st at arm edge every other row 5 times and AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st at the neck edge every 4th row 13 times adn then every other row 3 times. [/b]

Okay, so here is my confusion.

For the right front it says to reverse all shaping which would mean my arm dec are taking place on the WS not the RS, correct?

Also, it says for the neck dec on the right side, to: k2, k2tog, work to end of row.

Does that mean that all my arm shaping is done on the WS and all my neck shaping is done on the RS? Or am I doing the arm dec on the WS, working to the last 4 sts and then k2, k2tog?

Just want to make sure I am not screwing up. THanks!


The best way to look at reversing shaping is to look at your piece of knitting. Which side will be the neck edge as you wear it? Which is the arm edge.

Most likely if the dec were done on the front for the first side, you’ll do them on the back for the second side.

You have to bind off stitches at the beginning of the row, but for the neck decreases, you can really do them on either side, as long as you do them at the neck edge.

Thanks once again, Ingrid. I will have to post it when it is done since you have helped me so much with it! :thumbsup: