Reverse shaping question for a beginner

My baby sweater pattern instructions for the "left front"are as follows:cast on 40 sts and knit 3 rows.Change to larger needles and begin with a knit row,continue in St st for 10 rows.Dec(RS)K8.SKP,k to end.Repeat dec row every 10th row 4 times more,work even until piece measures 7 inches from beginning,ending with a Ws row…ok then for the “right front” the instructions say to “work as for left front reversing shaping”.Could some wonderful person out there type back the "reverse"instructions for me,then i will know for future how to do this.Im 49 and its hard to wrap my brain around these types of things first time.:think: Thank you in advance.

This is really the only thing you’ll have to reverse. Your decrease rows will look like this:

Dec (RS) K30, SKP, K8

Basically, you’re doing the decrease row exactly the same except starting with the last direction first. HTH

Thank you so very much! I am eternally grateful!