Reverse shaping help

I am knitting this sweater (yes still) Irish Cardigan and have finished the left side but am starting on the right side.

I am just not understanding this;

RIGHT FRONT: Work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping and placing of pattern st and pocket. TO DEC AT NECK EDGE: K 2, k 2 tog, work to end of row.

You will probably have to look at the pattern. The photo shows the pattern st. going in the same direction as it does on the left side. I am confused on how to reverse shaping I guess.

Can someone explain for me? Thanks!

When they say to reverse shaping, the just mean to do the armhole and neck decreases at the appropriate edge for the right front. When you do the bind offs for the armhole, for example, you’ll have to do them with the wrong side facing, and they give you the type of decrease for the neck that will match the left side.

You’ll also have to make the pocket at the appropriate place, too.

First, I want to say that I am a new knitter and have only made one sweater. However, with that sweater I had to reverse everthing on the reverse front in order for the stripes to work correctly. That is, if the pattern said to begin with a knit row, on the reverse side I had to begin with a purl row. That was the only way for it to be reversed correctly. I hope I am not steering you wrong–read the disclaimer in the first sentence of this reply!

Makes total sense! Once again, you have helped tremendously. :happydance: :heart: