Reverse Shaping - Baby Kimono style sweater

I’ve read the reverse shaping posts, but I’m still confused. I’ve finished the left side and it’s beginning to look like a sweater (I’m a complete newbie, and this my first non-scarf).

THe right front and sleeve instructions says:
Place right sleeve and right front sts on needle (they were on a stitch holder, after binding off the neck area) and [/b]work to correspond to left front and sleeve, revering shape[b]

What does mean? I did the following on the Left front and sleeve:
Next row: RS: Sl 1 wyib, k to end.
Next row: WS: SL 1 wyif, pass yarn to back, k2, p to marker (there was a marker from before), k3
Repeat these 2 rows twice more, ending on WS at neck edge.
Next row: RS: Sl1 wyib, K2 (neck border), inc 1 in each of next 2 sts, k to end.
Next row: WS: Sl1, wif, SL1 , pass yarn to back, k2, p to last 3 sts, k3 (there is a marker with these 3 stitches)
Repeat last 2 rows, increasing 2 sts after neck border as before on RS rows, until sleeve measures 7" from sleeve cast-on sts, ending with RS row at sleeve cuff.

How do I reverse this? Does mean, where it says knit to end, do I purl to end?

I’m all ready to finish this sweater, but there’s still stuff to do.[/b]