Reverse pattern?

Hi, hope your all having a good day?? I am knitting a snoopy scarf, I have one side done, and went to do the other side just by carrying on, but snoopy is not facing the first snoopy’s on the first side, I did rewrite the pattern chart and tried that but didn’t work so I reversed the top to bottom and snoopy is upside down, I do not know how to fix this, as what I want to do is have snoopy’s facing each other when you put the scarf around your neck, maybe only way is to just start the other side and knit it up using the reverse pattern and then the snoopy;s will be facing each other, and then I would just have a join at the center back??? I know must be a way to carry on doing the other side i just do know how to achieve it, please help thanks Barb

Is the pattern or the chart somewhere on-line we can see it?

Hi, No this is not on the internet pattern I sort of made it my self, but when going down other side of scarf the snoopy is facing same way as the first side, tried the reverse pattern also tried reverse and doing from top to bottom instead from bottom up but then snoopy is upside down, so right now not sure what to do, I think if I want the opposite side to have snoopy facing each other I need to just start from other end and knit up to were I am now and have a join in center of back neck, would this look ok>>> thanks again for any help Barb

A lot of rectangle shawls are knit from the end to the middle then the other end to the middle then either do a 3 needle bind off to join or knitchner stitch to join the 2 pieces.

To do it one piece do this: Try to visualize the scarf hanging around a neck, the 2 snoopys facing each other as they hang down the front. Then take that scarf and unwind it and lay it out straight. The 2 snoopy’s will still be facing the same way. I think you just need to knit it top of the chart down to bottom.

Hi Marilyn.
I will give it a try, although I did try it and it didn’t work, anyway will give a go and if not happy I will just knit the other side and join them, as then will have it way I want it, I can not believe how much time this scarf is taking me to make, oh well, learn something every day. many thanks to you for answering me back I sure do appreciate the help, there are so many wonderful people out there that are willing to share their expertise it makes for a lot of happy people, Barb

You only need to reverse the second snoopy from head to toe to keep both the heads nearest the middle of the scarf and your neck.

Yes the second Snoopy will appear to be standing on his head until you hang the scarf around your neck. Both their heads should be nearest the middle of the scarf and both their noses should be nearest the same edge of the scarf.

[li]Try putting a stitch marker between the first two stitches on the right hand edge (RE) of the right side (RS). [/ul]
It sounds like you may have started the second (reversed) Snoopy on the WS which would flip him over to face the wrong way.

Think of the scarf in a line like so:
(Pardon the misspelling of belly with only one L. It was done to have identical row counts.)
[SIZE=“5”]feet back head ==== daeh kcab teef
toes bely nose ==== eson yleb seot
Now you start at the left and the pattern begins with T of toes and F of feet, next row (WS) EO, row 3: (RS) EE, R4: TS, R5: ST (continued past neck space) Rx: (RS) ED, Rx+1 (WS) AS, etc…

(Top row is last to be knit; > or < shows WS or RS directions respectively)

FT > (F of feet AND T of toes)
EO <
EE >
TS <
BB >
AE <
CL >
KY <
HN >
EO <
AS >
DE <
== >
== <
== >
== <
DE >
AS <
EO >
HN <
KY >
CL <
AE >
BB <
TS >
EE <
EO >
FT <

*Please pardon my text images. :oops:

Yeah, what Jack said!

OK, how about this: Hold 2 pieces of white paper together and cut out 2 snoopy shapes. They don’t have to be perfect - just so you can tell where the nose and tail are. safety pin them to each end of a scarf you already own. now put the scarf around your neck. If they’re not facing how you want, move them around to where you do want them. then take the scarf off and see where they are when it’s spread out flat.

I think Jack is right, you are probably trying to flip one over onto the bottom side of the scarf. If they scarf is not being twisted and fliped over, they should both be on the same side.