Reverse pattern


I am making a sweater - for the first time - I have manged to make it threw the back and sleeves and I am at the fronts and need two reverse. (this is why I saved them for last…

[I]BO4 sts at beg [/I]

how do I reverse for side two?

Next part:

[I]at neck edge, BO 7 sts; then at neck edge dec 1 sts every other row 6 times.[/I]

??? Do I ALWAYS do this on the knit side???

I’m hoping I shouldn’t be sticking to shawls, socks and leggings!

On one side you would do the BOs on the knit side, on the other side, you do them on the purl side.

so I’ll be a row off?

Sort of, but you won’t be able to tell when you’re done. The first side you bind off for the shaping, will also be the first side you BO at the end, so both sides will have the same number of rows.