Reverse pattern

Hi can anyone help me with this reverse pattern please

S1 , K to last 6 stitches . Yfwd S1 K1 Psso K1 K2tog yfwd K1

S1 purl to end K1

S1 k to last 6 stitches K1 yfwd S1 K2tog psso yfwd K2

thanks in advance but I would really appreciate some help

Nothing you wrote says to reverse the pattern. We really could use more info to help you properly.

What is the name of your pattern and provide a link if you can.

These 3 rows are what I need to reverse I am ok with the rest just can’t work out these 3

It would help us though to know what you’re knitting, what it looks like, what part it is, etc. Hopefully someone can help since I need more info.

Susan, is this like one half of a vest and you need the pattern reversed for the other side?