Reverse engineering

I have a single glove that my grandmother made that has a very unique thumb gusset. I’ve had an expert knitter look at it and she couldn’t figure it out either. My next plan of action is to unravel / unknit it to try to figure it out. Has anyone done this and do you have any words of wisdom?

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Sounds fascinating. We’d love to see the glove and the gusset Can you post a photo? Use the little up arrow icon on the message page to upload a photo.

I’d go on asking as many expert knitters as you can find to take a look at it before you do something as drastic as unknitting it. Once you do that, poof, it’s gone. Bye, bye forever and you’ll never be able to figure it out.

Take it with you to different knitting groups, yarn shops, classes, etc. and ask people to take a look. (Perfect strangers. We all love to help. Just walk up, “do you knit mittens? Any ideas what’s happening with this gusset?”) Write down suggestions/ideas then knit them up later to see if any of them come close. Keep good records of what you’ve tried and why it didn’t work. Trial and error and try, try again will become your good friends. :slight_smile:

Would love to see a picture as reverse engineering is one of my favorite things and I’m always after a better thumb gusset. I’m also just curious as hell about what makes it unique/tricky.

I am a puzzle hound and I too love to reverse engineer knit or crochet patterns.

Pictures. Front & back please.

Reverse knitting is a last resort. I agree you should talk to as many experienced Knitters as possible because once you rip it is gone. Especially something a grandparent made.